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The Doing-Done Questionnaire: Lakshmi Rengarajan

10 standard questions we ask our favorite people. Today with Lakshmi Rengarajan, founder of Paired By The People, Workplace Connection Consultant, Keynote Speaker and Inclusion Strategist that developed a first of its kind practice for WeWork focused on helping the individuals in an organization get to know one another. Prior to that, she was the Director of Event Design and Strategy at

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2 min readApr 15, 2021


How would you describe what you do… to a 10-year old.

I help organizations and people understand the difference between meeting and connecting.

Do you have any regular rituals to get you into the space of work?

Yes. Almost every morning I do a sprint, a working session, with friends. Anything people want to work on that, we just do it together.

What comes easily to you?

Public speaking — it comes easily to me now but it did not always.

What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever gotten done?

To go easy on myself. I’m still trying to do it.

How do deadlines make you feel?

They push me to get things done without focusing on perfection.

What’s something you’ve learned about how, or where, or when you work best?

When I have to explain or teach something to somebody else. That’s when I learn best.

Early Bird? Night Owl? Other?

Night Owl trying to become an Early Bird.

Describe your ideal space to get to work.

A place where I can easily move between being by myself and being with others.

How many unread emails are in your inbox right now?

About 2000.

When I really need to get it done, I…

Ask a friend to help me break up a project and work against deadlines.

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